Happy Buffday to meeee!


I turn a year older today and boy oh boy am I glad. Over the years, I have faced aging with much trepidation but since I embarked on a journey of self-discovery some time ago, I must say that it doesn’t faze me as much.

I look back on my teens and when I was in my twenties and yes, I made tons of mistakes; i.e. aiming for the perfect job (or one that appears perfect), engaging in aimless tasks such as fighting with my brothers or sisters or friends, dating the wrong guys but as cliché as it seems, I wouldn’t change a thing because as we grow older we evolve into better versions of ourselves (If we let it happen anyway).

I have lost jobs that I have felt were right for me at the time but turned out weren’t the best for me in the long run. Jobs that I have stayed at for long periods are the ones that I learn skills that have shaped my foundation. Over time, I’ve learned how to relate to different people from various works of life, being flexible enough to adapt to various scenarios and most especially establishing strong bonds with people I have come to respect and still hold dear until today as well as a steady stream of mentors. Despite my setback, I am still able to appreciate that there are no limits to my professional accomplishments.

Anyone with siblings, girl siblings at that will tell you that fiction in the household is pretty prevalent. I grew up with sisters and we are all close in age so there were tons of conflicts in our house. Now, I look back and realize that those times that we screamed at each other over clothes or shoes sometimes even guys, those times that we stopped talking to each other only helped to bring us much closer as we grew up into mothers and wives. I can happily say that my sisters are my best friends and I wouldn’t trade them in for all the tea in China or all the designer shoes in Neiman Marcus.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate the true value of friendship. Many of my friends I have known for over 20 years and while I have lost some along the way, I appreciate their imprint in my life and I hope I have made a positive impact in theirs.

I had my share of frogs! But I am glad I did because when God sent me my prince I was fully able to appreciate my blessing. Yes we nudge heads from time to time but which couple doesn’t. Through the examples set by my Moms, Aunties, and various older cousins, I have come to fully understand that marriage, while it is not for everyone, isn’t supposed to easy. I equate it to a rose garden which you must tend to reap the benefits. No one and I say no one has a perfect marriage. Despite our individual faults, I can say that we both work tirelessly to become better versions of ourselves for each other.

If there is a blessing that I am truly grateful for, it is my little tyrant, sorry princess. Having and rearing a child isn’t easy and I am constantly in awe of our mothers, how in the world did they do it? She is a constant source of amazement and joy to everyone she comes in contact with and I hope and I pray that I can do half as much as my mother did. If there is any good I have I done in this world, it is to be the Mom of this amazing little rug rat.

Not to appear preachy, but I cannot say thanks enough to God. He has seen me through some dark periods and many amazing ones. I have learned to fully understand what it means to submit to His will because He surely knows what’s best and He is always there guiding my steps.

As as I turn 36, yes 36; I am truly grateful and blessed and ready and excited to face the next 36 with an open heart and a smile with a glass of bubbly.

Here’s to me …….


7 thoughts on “It’s my party and I can cry if I want to

  1. Sister sister!! Happy Birthday once again. I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Hope your birthday is as beautiful as you. Xxx


  2. Happy happy bday once again, dearest ‘cuz…
    Cheers to good health, long life and evrything fab!!! Oh and kisses to my darling little rug rat😘😘😘


  3. Happy Birthday, Toyota… Life is treating you very well, and it shows – you look great – kudos to D.com…loved especially, the line:
    “Despite our individual faults, I can say that we both work tirelessly to become better versions of ourselves for each other.” Bravo👏👏👏


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. May your latter years be better. I celebrate you. Hopefully one day,I will worry less about aging and come to terms with it just like you have done. To think that we are approaching 40 is so scary. All d best there. We will all live to see our great great grand kids Insha Allah


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