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Guess who’s back!!! Yes yes, I know. I have been so bad, I haven’t been updating my posts as I used to and for that, I apologize. 2016 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? But let’s just hope and pray that 2017 will be a tad better than this year, God willing.

To the topic of today, I was browsing through my social media timeline after I put the baby to bed and I noticed the usual topics were trending; Trump, Kanye West, Toke Makinwa etc and it suddenly dawned on me; why do we find these stories so fascinating? What is it about these stories that peak our interest that we have to click on these topics, read and draft out eulogies in the comments section?

As someone who was a media professional for a number of years and has a degree in journalism; I’m sure you may agree with me that some of these antics are either for attention or as subjects of distraction. But why must we the public act like gullible hungry people and eat it up?

A quote from one of the tutors seem to answer that question; ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ Maybe he was right. Bad news always sells. Ain’t nobody got time for a good story and if we do hear one, there is a piece of us looking for the negative angle. If by chance a story or article or hashtag pops up discounting the previous “good” narrative we would be screaming; ‘I told you so’ ‘I knew it was too good to be true’ to ourselves.

Take the most recent examples: Kanye West pays a visit to Trump tower to go visit President Elect Trump and people lose it. I mean literally lose it, blog posts are spurting up, articles are being written, and debates are taken place. Apart from the people who were at the meeting, nobody actually knows what was being said or discussed. Both parties stated that it was to discuss multiculturalism, the situation in Chicago etc but that’s not the point, it is a well-known fact that these two men crave attention like kids who love candy and the constant barrage of focus on those two hours they spent together seems to be like we are feeding into this machine of celebrity and an alternate reality. We know it’s a distraction, we know that these men just wanted to be blogged about and talked about, even I am doing it by mentioning it right now but we still can not look away.

Two weeks ago, Nigerian TV darling Toke Makinwa released her tell-all memoir and my Naija people, both home and abroad were clutching their invisible pearls. Twitter was ablaze with Toke this and Toke that. That’s not to take anything from her, I have read the book and I think it’s a must read for every female, young and old because I am of the belief that we can learn lessons from others.

But that’s not the point, what amazed me was how everyone suddenly morphed in marriage counselors and relationship experts. What got me were the comments and how people were drafting their own narrative on the issue, whether true or false.

The point I am trying to make is that the world has gone cray cray! And just because something or someone has done something that makes us scratch our heads we owe it to ourselves to stop that clock and think like rational humans. Why must we take the bait all the time when these stories pop up on our timeline and scream bloody murder! I would suggest the next time any of those stories pop up, ask yourselves who benefits from the click. If you find yourself getting emotionally riled up, it’s not worth the aggravation and keep scrolling till you find the next cat video or another adorable video of a baby laughing.

Happy Holydays!!!


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