Hey guys, Its been a minute but I’m back and yes its spring! We are almost at the halfway point of 2017 and if your months have been like mine, then you are in need of some bright and cheerful humor; hence the post of today, it’s another tongue – in – cheek one and I sure hope you guys enjoy it.

I love my plastic cup: I got this plastic cup last year while working at Fedex Express and I must say it was love at first sip. It takes my water and lemon, it takes my juice and most importantly it takes my Moscato and it takes my screwdrivers. And yes, I have water glasses and wine glasses but I just prefer my plastic cup. I look forward to Fridays like everyone else when I can watch Netflix and chill with my ice cold Moscato in my plastic cup. Don’t judge me!

My plastic chalice ….

I look forward to attending outings and want to the leave the second I get there: Yea, this one is complicated. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am the ultimate couch homebody. I don’t like going out, I don’t particularly relish the outdoors but one in awhile, I get an invite for a wedding or a birthday party and the adrenaline kicks in. I start browsing looks on Pinterest and scroll Instagram in search of makeup inspirations. I practice my makeup looks after watching endless videos on Youtube. I even go as far as having conference calls with my sisters in creating the perfect look and scheduling a baby sister for the little one; that’s if the oga and I would be attending the event. We get to the event and five minutes in, I’m over it and I want to go home but I know better than say a peep to the boss. I guess its just the excitement of leaving the house for an event that fuels me but soon subsides after I attend the event. Don’t judge me!

Leave my tags alone! I don’t like taking off the tags of new items after I buy them especially clothes. Blame my childhood! Every time we got new clothes or toys, my mom would show it to us and keep it till when she decided was the appropriate time to use them. So when I buy a new pair of jeans, I won’t wear them till I have an outing (see above) and I would take off in glee and adorn the garment. My girl Maka curses me out till today because of it and I fear that my Mini me might be picking up on my bad habits. God help me!

I love my jammies! I don’t think there is anyone in the entire world that loves hanging out in her pajamas more than me. They are so comfortable. If I could go to work in my PJ’s I would. If I could attend my fabulous champagne and cupcake parties (in my head) in my pj’s I would do so in a heartbeat. I refuse to part with them, even though I’m noticing a few tears here and there; I have acquired two more sets! Yay!

You promised not to judge

And finally, people say the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that you have a problem, so this is me acknowledging.

Hello, my name is Toyosi and I am a makeup and human hair addict! Nothing feels me with such glee as getting an alert from Sephora or Ulta about a new product or a sales event. I can’t begin to count how many red lipsticks I have, sometimes two or three of the same kind from the same brand, not to count the number of foundations, brushes etc.

Some of my babies…..

It has gotten so bad, that I virtually hide the shopping bags underneath the bin so my other half won’t see it and say ‘You went makeup shopping again, how many lipsticks do you need woman?”I can already hear you say, oh but makeup is to enhance! I scream bloody murder!

Now I am one of those females who DOES NOT PLAY WITH HER BUNDLES. From my Bone straight Malaysian hair, to my body wave Peruvian in every length you could think of, i will straight up cut a b*** if you come between my extensions and I. To all those on team natural, I am super happy for you but to each his own.  I am the first in line to order some new bundles from theVanitybox hair the second they have a promotion and I track my shipments like a hawk to ensure my delivery dates don’t occur when the oga would be home.

With this habit, I think I need to stop or curb my excesses. So help me but don’t judge me!


2 thoughts on “Don’t judge me!

  1. This article resonates with me so much and I know that tall plastic cup… If this is your problem honey, you are fine. But no one is perfect. The next time I visit I will secretly tear all your tags off .


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