Basking in my afterglow from my 1st Yoga class in years..definitely recommended..


Hello People and happy 2016.

Like so many others, I strongly believe that one should begin the new year as a whole new chapter of their lives. I began 2016 with a mantra, ‘To seek alternative ways towards self improvement; improvement of the mind, body and soul.’

On the 2nd day of 2016 I took the first step towards achieving my goal; I signed up for a Tao Yoga class.I had sometime ago attended a few yoga classes but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. According to the One World Wellness Centre on New Haven website (where the classes take place); Tao Yoga Basic Flow incorporates breathing deeply into each meditative pose. Similar to a yin yoga, this class increases flexibility through longer hold times and focused breathwork.

I must admit that I had not seen the four walls of a gym or done any form of exercise in months and so I was a bit weary about stretching into various postures and poses. But I must say that Christine, who heads the class made the experience truly magical. She walked us through each body part movement to achieve the various positions. From the meditation exercises to focus our energy into our breathing for warm ups, to stretching our arms from side to side with our left/right knees bent to get into the warrior pose.

While my arms and legs were screaming through some of the poses, the entire experience was extremely invigorating and energizing; especially towards the middle of the session when we were asked to pair up and share our stories from 2015 and our hopes and dreams for 2016. Sitting with my partner offered me more insight and encouragement towards achieving the individual goals I had set for myself.

Brunch followed afterwards and the Kenyan Light Roast and the Brazil Medium Roast were undeniably nectar from the gods of moCompliments to the barrista; i’ve definitely found my new best thing and I’m looking forward to my next class.

Sign up for the next Tao Yoga Class here One world Wellness details




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