Let me begin by issuing this disclaimer. These are my thoughts and opinions and do not reflect the gospel truth.

I have an issue with pple blaming Lamar Odoms current situation on the Kardashians. I don’t think it is and here’s why. It’s been reported that Lamar had issues with drugs and depression for years. He lost his mom at age 12, his father struggled with addiction and he’s buired a child. All traumatic incidences for one so young and talented. I’m not making an excuse for him but providing a context while a few grow and thrive despite setbacks in thier lives by the grace of the Almighty not many are that lucky.

For someone who was obviously a gifted basketball player, that should have been his primary focus after his kids of coz. And even after he married Khloe it still should have been and not get caught up in the whole hoopla surrounding the family; he and khloes reality show, perfumes etc. I assume the Lakers realized that all of that was a distraction and let him go and it all went to hell afterwards. He couldn’t adjust in Dallas and with the Clippers. You can count how many time Reggie Bush appeared on the show and when he saw that the whole hoopla from dating Kim was distracting him from achieving the goal of every footballer; a superbowl ring he took stock and futher withdrew from the spotlight. Not that it didn’t deter the press attention but there’s an understanding that he’s about his biz. Playing football and winning games.

Like I said these are my thoughts and opinions and I’m not being insensitive but I want pple to understand the importance of having a strong support base. Depression is no joke. Reach out to pple to anyone, trust me you’re not going to be a bother. For the sake of his 2 kids I hope Lamar pulls through by God’s grace. My thoughts and prayers are with him at this time


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