This is me taking a stand, a stand against a world that seems to place little or no regard for the female life.  From the southern states in the US where female reproductive rights are being stripped away or rural Pakistan where women are murdered for the sake of name honour killings and to Northern Nigeria and Yemen were  nine to 12-year-old girls are married off to older men while some are dying due to VVF caused by early marriage.

As a woman and a mother, I can not sit back and be silent any longer. I wont deny that I am in constant fear for my little girl. How do I explain to her that the world has no regard for females. That while some countries don’t see the need to educate females while in some places, women earn less than their male counterparts;  FOR DOING THE SAME JOB!!

No other issue bothers me as much as the plight of young girls in Northern Nigeria and Yemen. Kids and these are KIDS , who are married off to older men. Perverts in my opinion, who marry these kids for many reasons; for money or social standing and pray on the ignorance of families for their dirty desires.  A 12-year-old girl, who might have reached puberty early is still a GIRL! And if you are salivating at the prospect of having a fresh young bride who happens to be 13 years old that makes you a pedophile and you deserve to be locked up. I recall sometime in 2013 when there was a debate in the Nigerian Federal House of Assembly to keep a law that ensures that any married girls can  denounce their citizenship  even though they are below 18 years of age indirectly reducing the ages for girls to marry. And who would be the sponsor of the bill, Senator Yerima, the same man who introduced Shaira Law in Zamfara state, the same man who paid thousands of dollars to marry a 13-year-old Egyptian girl. According to him, his wife has had two healthy kids and they are doing just fine. Of course they are!!!!! He is wealthy and he is able to afford the best health care possible so she’ll avoid being amongst the over 100 VVF cases prevalent in the North. The Vanguard reports that 12,000 cases are reported annually.

Seriously?! We have to do better and we have to educate our people , we have to save our young girls from this fate and countless other girls from similar fate.

Even though I might count my little girl lucky for being born in a developed country, It is imperative that I instill my daughter with a strong sense of self. Yes, you are a female and it might seem that the world doesn’t value the females but you are special, you can do anything you set your mind to. The world does not owe you anything and you have to make your way. Don’t assume because you’re a girl people are going to make allowances for you; they wont. Make your own way, set your boundaries, put God first, be respectful, be aware of yourself and the world around you. Your Dad and I love you above all else…

I’m going to stop now but we need to do better,

Till next time







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